OnePointCity Features

Ordering Services

To place an order, enter the loan information once, and then choose the provider and services you want. An automated confirmation will notify you that your order has been received and is being processed. The loan data will be automatically populated when you order your next product.


OnePointCity automatically organizes all documents and correspondence related to a given loan, so you can easily check the status of any order or the entire closing. All communication is time- and date- stamped, giving you a clear audit trail for each transaction.

Transferring Documents

Send and receive original-quality documents electronically and reduce the clutter, cost and staff time of faxing, filing, copying or using courier services or overnight delivery. In addition, your documents and correspondence are automatically attached to the appropriate transaction for easy reference.


For fast access to specific information, OnePointCity can sort your orders by buyer, company, preparer, reference number, property address, activity date or order location.


Our sorting options and full-text searching capabilities allow you to easily retrieve orders, memos and other information. This information can even be retrieved long after the closing date.


Create a host of different reports to review past orders, orders currently being processed and product turn-time. Check orders from the prior month to reconcile invoices, sort orders by branch and more.


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